About Us

We are a logistics company that provide a platform, which helps with the delivery and pickup of general small-medium packages like food, and other package deliveries throughout Lagos. We provide a meeting platform for riders, customers and merchants to move products across Lagos. On-time arrival of dispatch riders has been a concern for dispatch-hailing customers; as all existing dispatch company require assets to respond as soon as possible. Subsequently, SMEs (Logistics Businesses particularly) require exposure to reach clients. A survey conducted in Lagos with over 10 dispatch companies showed lack of customer base, leading to low turn-over and end of most dispatch companies. In the midst of this problem lies our solution the efficient Dispatch Hailing Service – GoDart LTD!

Our mission

To become the leading dispatch and logistics platform service provider in Lagos and beyond. To have a reliable and strong customer base all over Lagos as a dispatch and logistics platform. To ensure products as dispatch on-time and safely to various locations To provide employment for Nigerian citizens through our platform.



GoDart inspires to be a platform driven by customer service. We believe in exceeding the expectations of customers by providing on-time pick-up and dispatch services. Through error-free handling and accountability, GoDart will continuously establish and maintain solid customer relationships that will create an economic, flexible, and reliable platform for the users, and continuing business opportunities for the platform, while demonstrating our values of integrity, dedication, and effectiveness.